John Carrington

John Carrington is the Co-Founder and CEO of ZVerse.  

Before starting ZVerse in March 2013, John served as Executive Vice President of Business Development at Reachsmart Interactive, a 50 person digital marketing company, where he led the company’s sales efforts resulting in more than $20 million in annual sales online.  

With over 15 years of experience in online customer acquisition, John saw an opportunity to solve the content problem for 3D printed consumer products by developing software to make the content people care about 3D printable with the click of a button.  In just 12 months, he led ZVerse from an idea on a napkin to a million dollar business by building an incredible team and attracting seed investments from world class angel investors.   The company’s early success led it to become the first company of it’s kind to be granted licensing rights by more than 30 major universities including Oregon, Notre Dame and Southern California.

In 2000, while in school, he co-founded award winning software company which enabled anyone to build their own professional website online.  PageBuilder was the first online website editor to feature a UI that matched desktop publishers.

John graduated in 2004 with a bachelors degree from the University of South Carolina.