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ZVerse once again sees massive sucess at NACDA 2015

With ZVerse's strong roots in collegiate athletics, it only made sense for us to once again attend the annual NACDA Conference in Orlando, Florida. NACDA (National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics) affords us the opportunity to interact with many of our partners and customers in a week of fellowship and fun in the sun. One particular interaction stands out as an example of what is possible at these types of conventions.

In this particular case, a top 25 athletics program had recently completed a new stadium renovation. This multi-million dollar project strategically changed the profile of the venue and incorporated 21st century innovation into the game day atmosphere.

We were first introduced to the Senior Associate Director of Athletics a while back. She was intrigued, but skeptical of the role that 3D printing could play and how it would be incorporated into her project. Ultimately, we learned that the university was struggling to find the right gift to recognize their most important donors. It had to be unique - after all, many of these folks had donated millions of dollars and countless hours of their time.  

The ZVerse team collaborated with the university to produce a one-of-a-kind, 3D printed stadium replica which was unveiled at NACDA 2015. Upon the the presentation, words such as "amazing," "cool," and "unique" were used to express their approval. Our client also led us to the exhibit of the world renowned architectural firm that worked on the project to "show off" how great the model was. 

Ultimately, the university increased their order by 50%, citing that this gift "must" go to their top three donor levels, which include the CEO'S and presidents of many of America's leading brands.  

The best part: with our amazing team and our Layr 3D content creation platform, the total time to deliver was roughly 2 weeks.